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October 24, 2014

just playin' games...

cheetle pop-up shop at the science museum--really. and we're stoked.

October 14, 2014


nosey? curious? like to creep around and ask tooooomany* questions? join us cheetles for nightlife at the california academy of sciences and be your inquisitive minx-self while wandering the museum—it’s “navigation” night in celebration of the treasure island music festival. you’ll get science annnnnd music (annnnd booze). 

come hang at the hello, cheetle. pop-up and nab our ‘festival pack’—a complete kit for proper twirling & buzzing on the island, all in a pretty knapsack. 

so, you want some free tickets to this thing or waaaaaat? we mayyyy have a pair for ya if you’re willing to get a little weird...


October 10, 2014

friday. proper koozie and some cheez shit. doin' just fine...


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